Hope Jordan


Canterbury, NH

Hope Jordan

I write fiction, poetry and nonfiction, mostly about rural life in America.


3 Poems inluding 3M, the F word and olives

to the 3M plant in Tilton for the manufacture of custom adhesives. we still call Condom Point for no reason other than 15 years ago. we brought gloves and a trash bag to tackle a heap of beer cans. quills, how you tried to pull them all out, how later the vet said. if left in they can work their mindless ways straight through a body,
Hole in the Head Review Link to Story

2 Poems in Twyckenham Notes

Black Creek Road shimmers with heat and new tar in front of the house we grew up in, where I learned the gold of you always having had my back

Trees at the Curve in the Road

In the journal Stone Canoe, #14. Trees use fungal webs to speak underground

Ode to a Luna

Bless the echolocators, the oilbirds and swiftlets, bless even the bats. so we witness the end and the beginning as you irradiate the darkness. Hope Jordan is a candidate for an MFA in Creative Writing at UMass Boston. She is the author of the chapbook The Day She Decided to Feed Crows (Cervena Barva Press, 2018).

From the Outside it was Beautful

It wasn’t an apple the princess bit before she fell into sleep. It was a peach.

Bridgeport Again

despair of music videos and FM radio.

2018 Harold Taylor Prize


My Grandparents in their Kitchen

She drank cup after cup of tea, stubbed butts of Pall Malls,


Hope Jordan

Hope Jordan grew up in Chittenango, NY, and holds a dual BA from Syracuse University and an MFA from UMass Boston (2020). Her work appears most recently in Blue Mountain Review, Stone Canoe, and Split Rock Review.

She lives in NH, where she was the state’s first official poetry slam master. Her chapbook is The Day She Decided to Feed Crows (Cervena Barva Press, 2018).
An experienced fundraiser and former journalist, Hope Jordan has also taught college-level classes in poetry, public relations and journalism.



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