Hope Jordan


Canterbury, NH

Hope Jordan

I write fiction, poetry and nonfiction, mostly about rural life in America.


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Fishing Where the Fish Are

As a fund raiser working with limited resources, I’ve often found it easy to make decisions based on the old saying “fish where the fish are.”. In other words, if my organization has 30,000 prospects but only enough resources to solicit 10,000, I will plan to solicit the 10,000 that have previously given to our institution.

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My transformation happened slowly. I changed one bad habit at a time and took on one good habit. With self-confidence, I’m no longer taunted with self-sabotaging behaviors. I don’t need to act or look perfect to be beautiful and be loved. This has given me the freedom to find who I really am. Cindy Gilbert, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Coach, Speaker.
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Hope Jordan

Hope Jordan grew up in Chittenango, NY, and holds a dual BA from Syracuse University and an MFA from UMass Boston (2020). Her work appears most recently in Blue Mountain Review, Stone Canoe, and Split Rock Review.

She lives in NH, where she was the state’s first official poetry slam master. Her chapbook is The Day She Decided to Feed Crows (Cervena Barva Press, 2018).
An experienced fundraiser and former journalist, Hope Jordan has also taught college-level classes in poetry, public relations and journalism.



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